Saturday, January 16, 2016

Management Team

George Bonilla - Co-Founder/CEO

George Bonilla, who was named the Kentucky Filmmaker of the Year in 2009, is the CEO of ZP International Films. With ZP International, Bonilla produced and directed seventeen feature-length motion pictures including the award winning film, The Edison Death Machine and the cult-classics Zombie Planet and Hell-e-phone.

“I’ve been in this business most of my life,” said Bonilla. “Over the years, I have seen many deals that benefit the distributor, while not giving a fair shake to the filmmaker that put his heart and soul into a project. With the landscape of film distribution changing so rapidly and streaming outlets becoming more popular, I felt that the time was right to offer filmmakers an alternative to the current distribution system.”

Bonilla also serves as a board member for several MOTUROAIS companies.


Anthony Hudson - Co-Founder/President

Anthony Hudson, after spending nearly a decade in the print media management world and publisher of the widely-read Kentucky on Tap magazine, he was ready for a change. “I was intrigued with the opportunity to build and launch a streaming channel. To think that the channels we produced right here in Kentucky are now literally being utilized by fans worldwide daily is astounding.”

Hudson also serves as a board member for several MOTUROAIS companies.

"We are so happy with the results of our current endeavors and are working hard across all departments to watch our growth continue."